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Will & Falco Ebben: Small loft, great results!

The uncle-nephew partnership Will & Falco Ebben from Leeuwen (The Netherlands) is racing at the highest level in their province for more than 20 years now. 

When they first bought pigeons at Ad Schaerlaeckens in 1998, the results were getting better and better. Will & Falco Ebben always stayed loyal to Ad Schaerlaeckens and still know where to find him when they need fresh blood in their strain. The Schaerlaeckens pigeons from the past and the present form the basis of their strain.

Since the existence of the partnership in 2002 to 2019, Will and Falco Ebben have raced only 12 pairs of old pigeons from Will's address on total widowhood. In addition, about 20 to 25 youngsters were raced from Falco's address as well as from Will's address. Starting in 2020, a maximum of 16 pairs of old pigeons are also being raced from Falco's address. With these numbers they dared to take on the biggest and strongest competitors. 

The (national) highlights since 2016:

2nd National Champion Short Distance NPO (not nominated) 2021
2nd National Champion Youngbirds NPO (not nominated) 2016
5th National Champion Youngbirds NPO (nominated) 2016
6th National Champion Youngbirds-middle distance NPO (not nominated) 2019
7th National Champion Youngbirds NPO (not nominated) 2017
7th National Champion Youngbirds-sprint NPO (not nominated) 2019
10th National Champion Middle Distance NPO 2023
11th National Champion Middle Distance NPO (not nominated) 2022
13th National Champion One Day Long Distance NPO (nominated) 2020
13th National Champion Youngbirds NPO (nominated) 2023
14th National Champion Youngbirds NPO (not nominated) 2021

1st Cat 1 Fondspiegel Old birds 2023
2nd Best Fancier National competition ‘Fondspiegel’ YB 2014-2016
3rd Best Fancier National competition ‘Fondspiegel’ YB 2017-2019
3rd Best Fancier National competition ‘Fondspiegel’ YB 2019-2021
4th Best Fancier National competition ‘Fondspiegel’ YB 2021-2023
6th Best Fancier National competition ‘Fondspiegel’ YB 2016-2018
6th Best Fancier National competition 'Fondspiegel' YB 2018-2020
9th Best Fancier National competition ‘Fondspiegel’ OB 2021-2023

8th Best Fancier (Nominated) National NPO 2023
10th Best Fancier (Not Nominated) National NPO (former WHZB-TBOTB) 2022
11th Best Fancier (Not Nominated) National competition WHZB-TBOTB 2021
12th Best Fancier (Not Nominated) National NPO 2023

1st Youngbirds National competition ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’ 2018
1st Youngbirds National competition ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’ 2021
1st Natour National competition ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’ 2019
2nd Youngbirds National competition ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’ 2019 
4th Overall youngbirds National competition ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’ 2019
5th Youngbirds National competition ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’ 2020
7th Overall youngbirds National competition 'Podium der Grootmeesters' 2018
7th One day long distance National competition ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’  2019 

2nd One Day Long Distance Int. Noordelijke-Unie (not nominated) 2020

Winner ‘Superstar of the month’ (De Duif) short distance in 2018 
Winner ‘Superstar of the month’ (De Duif) middle distance in 2019 
Winner 'Zilveren Duif/1e Opvolger' (De Duif) 2022
Winner 'Zilveren Duif/1e Opvolger' (De Duif) 2023

Prov/NPO/National victories: 

1st & 2nd NPO La Ferte Bernard (2004) 5,503 p.
1st NPO Freiburg (2007) 3,790 p.
1st & 2nd NPO Morlincourt (2008) 16,971 p.
1st NPO Châteaudun (2009) 9.957 p.
1st NPO Blois (2009) 7,917 p.
1st NPO Blois (2012) 3,581 p.
1st NPO Orléans (2013) 4,000 p.
1st, 2nd and 3rd NPO Laon (2016) 5,836 p.
1st National Châteaudun (2018) 12,511 p.
1st and 2nd NPO Melun (2018) 1,295 p.
1st NPO Châteaudun (2020) 4,058 p.
1st Prov. Melun (2021) 7,291 p.
1st Prov. Morlincourt (2021) 6,385 p.
1st National Ruffec (2022) 9,998 p.
1st Prov. Chimay (2022) 8,815 p.
1st Prov. Niergnies (2023) 6.707 p.
1st Prov. Chimay (2023) 9.272 p.

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Robert Maaß won 1st Modia Kolweska 1,534 pigeons with grandchild Linus


Last weekend Robert Maaß from Waldhufen had a nice reference for us again. He won the 1st from Modia Kolewska (315 kms) against 1,534 pigeons 
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Best S-Provincial result from Chimay: 6-11-18-19-20-30 etc vs 3,363 pigeons


Last week we had an incredible result from Chimay. Against 3,363 pigeons (299 fanciers) Combinatie Ebben won: 6, 11, 18, 19, 20, 30, 60 64, 108, 149, 353 and 456. 
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Best result in our federation twice in a row


This year we have a difficult season if you look at the weather conditions. During most races the weather was not ideal, sometimes the race was ruined by heavy showers. The conditions in recent weeks were not optimal, but it was not bad either. 
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