1-2-3-4-8-9 etc from Niergnies vs 2,594 p (25 entered, 18 prize cards)

1-2-3-4-8-9 etc from Niergnies vs 2,594 p (25 entered, 18 prize cards)

The last two weeks we did not have much time to update our website. So here is a quick overview from the results of the last two weeks.

On August 11 we had a race from Niergnies (252 kms). We had a spectaculair result. On the loft of Combinatie Ebben we won against 2,594 pigeons: 1-2-3-4-8-9 and so on vs 2,594 pigeons. We entered 25 pigeons and won 18 prize cards 1:4 (72%) of which 14 x 1:10 (56%).

Our three nominated birds were in the first four clocked pigeons (1-2 and 4). Number one and three were grandchildren of NL13-1921958 'Indy', number two was a original pigeon from Ad Schaerlaeckens and number four was a 100% Ad Schaerlaeckens.

Famous 'Indy', two grandchildren won in the first 4 from Laon vs 2,594 pigeons on August 11


On August 18th we had a race from Laon. It was our first provincial liberation and it became a catastrophe for everyone. When the prizes were earned in 6 minutes in the previous weeks, now it took about 1,5 hours. All our nominated pigeons missed their prize, but luckily they returned. Despite the fact it was not a nice race, we still won 9-10-11 (both lofts) provincial vs 7,594 pigeons. The bird that won the 9th provincial is a 100% Ad Schaerlaeckens (granddaughter famous 006), the 10th provincial is a daughter to NL08-1241483 'Diablo' x NL16-1311100 'Lianne' (daughter 'Indy') and the 11th Provincial is a daughter to NL10-1404046 'Fidel' x NL14-1130826 'Jenny'

NL08-1241483 'Diablo', the father of the 10th Provincial from Laon last week vs 7,594 p.