Great result on last race: 1-2-10-14-17-19-33-34 etc NPO (our 10th NPO victory!!)

Great result on last race: 1-2-10-14-17-19-33-34 etc NPO (our 10th NPO victory!!)

Because Falco has recently moved to another house, there was no time to update this website. Nevertheless, there was reason enough for this.

On the last race of 2018 from Melun (419 kms) on september 15th we won 1-2-10-14-17-19-33-34 etc NPO. This was the 10th NPO victory in our career! 

Here is a short overview of our NPO victories since 2004: 

1st & 2nd NPO La Ferte Bernard 5,503 p. in 2004
1st NPO Freiburg 3,790 p. in 2007
1st and 2nd NPO Morlincourt 16,971 p. in 2008
1st NPO Châteaudun 9,959 p. in 2009
1st NPO Blois 7,917 p. in 2009
1st NPO Blois 3,581 p. in 2012
1st NPO Orléans 4,000 p. in 2013
1st , 2nd & 3rd NPO Laon 5,836 p. in 2016
1st National Sector III Châteaudun 12,511 p. in 2018
1st & 2nd NPO Melun 1,295 p. in 2018 

The bird that won the 1st NPO from Melun is NL18-5163582. This hen is a daughter to two original Schaerlaeckens-pigeons: NL16-1877281 'Lex' (son famous 006) x NL13-1313511 'Ilze'. A few weeks before this victory she already won 10th Provincial Laon 7,594 pigeons (+ Teletext). For her pedigree click here.

The bird that won the 2nd NPO is NL18-5163561. This cock is (half)brother to 6 x 'Teletext-pigeons'. He also won the 7th National in Sector 3 vs 8,389 pigeons and 16th prize from Bierges vs 3,094 pigeons. For his pedigree click here.

New loft

On Saturday September 15th we had our last race, on Monday September 17th the loft was moved to the new address. We kept the racing loft but instead of two small lofts we made one loft for the breeders as well as the youngbirds.
At the left you see two sections for the youngbirds and at the right there is a section for 12 breeding pairs. The loft is almost finished now.