Great season start: 2-7-8-33-36-51 etc Bierges against 3,359 pigeons

Great season start: 2-7-8-33-36-51 etc Bierges against 3,359 pigeons

Last Saturday was the first official race of the season. The pigeons were released at 11 a.m. in Bierges (142 kms) and head to deal with strong headwinds. Our first bird arrived at 12.56.03 and gained a velocity of 1,230 meter per minute. In less then half a minute number two and three were also back at our loft.

We had a great start, in our combine we won 2-7-8-33-36-51 etc Bierges against 3,359 pigeons. We entered 20 birds and won 13 prizes 1:4 (65%) of which 12 x 1:10 (60%) and 4 x 1:100 (20%). In our Federation (CC Rivierenland) we started with the 1st prize against 871 pigeons.

With only 12 pairs of racers our goal is to perform at the one day long distance races. We know our pigeons are all round, they can perform from 100 till 700 kilometers, but we don't have a start like this each year... This is also partly because of the fact they had to work. With strong tailwinds we don't have a lot of change at one of the shortest distances.

We will introduce you the pigeons that won 1:100:

NL18-1692495 'Nanco' (2nd - 3,359 pigeons and 1st vs 871 p.) 

The first bird that arrived was NL18-1692495 'Nanko'. He is a son to famous 'Diablo'  mated to a daughter of 'Indy'. So through fathers' side he is a halfbrother to 'Linus' and his mother is a halfsister to 'Linus'.
'Nanko' aldready won 13th NPO Nanteuil vs 5,215 pigeons. Click here to see the pedigree of 'Nanco'

NL17-1056011'Masja' (7th Bierges 3,359 pigeons)

The 2nd bird that arrived was NL17-1056011 'Masja'. She already won some good prizes as a youngster and yearling. She is a daughter to 'Merlijn' which won 4 x top 10 provincial mated to a daughter of 'Indy'. Click here to see the pedigree of 'Masja'

NL17-1682490 'Nynke' (8th Bierges 3,359 pigeons)

The 3rd bird that arrived was NL18-1682490 'Nynke'. She is a daughter to the top-couple NL12-1355632 'Hannibal' x NL15-1875429 'Katja'. As a youngster 'Nynke' won a 1st prize from Bierges (7th vs 3,094 p.) and several prizes 1:10. She is a sister to several good pigeons. Click here to see the pedigree of 'Nynke'.


NL18-1682483 'Nynthe' (33rd Bierges 3,359 pigeons)

The fourth bird that won 1:100 is NL18-1682483 'Nynthe'. She is a daughter to NL10-1404046 'Fidel', so a granddaughter to our basic hen NL03-2083516 'Roosje'. Her mother is a original Schaerlaeckens and a halfsister to famous 'Ad' from Marcel Wouters.
'Nythe' is one of our biggest favorites for the futere. As a youngster she already won 5 x 1:10 among others 6th NPO Nanteuil 5,215 pigeons and 9th Péronne 1,556 p. Click here to see her pedigree.

We also made a Youtube-film on this race: