Very good start youngbird-season: 2-4-20-21-32-37 and so on vs 2,846 p.

Very good start youngbird-season: 2-4-20-21-32-37 and so on vs 2,846 p.

Last weekend there were three races. The first youngbird and 7th short distance race was kept from Tienen (almost 130 km). We entered 5 old birds of which 3 won prize. Our first bird won the 1st prize in the club (172 pigeons) and 5th in combine (2,214 pigeons).

The first bird was our NL18-1682504. She wins her third prize card 1/100 on this race. She is bred from a full sister to NL16-1310994 'Linus'. For her pedigree click here.

NL18-1682504 already won a/o 37th Soissons 8,631 p, 45th Morlincourt 4,756 p, 43rd Niergnies 2,594 p, 62nd Bierges 3,094 p, 34th Duffel 1,424 p and so on.

We only entered youngbirds from the loft of Combinatie Ebben, where we only race youngbirds. They did really well. In our club we won the first prize and in our combine we won against 2,846 pigeons: 2-4-20-21-32-37-60-76-81-102-103-109-224 and 607. We entered 24 birds and won 4 prize cards 1/100 (16%), 12 prize cards 1/20 (50%) and 14 prize cards in total (58%).

The first clocked bird NL19-1466487 is a daughter to one of our best breeders ever NL12-1355632 'Hannibal' mated to a yearling daughter to NL13-1921958 'Indy'. For her pedigree click here.

The second clocked bird is NL19-1466498, a daughter to the breeding couple NL13-1921960 'Icarus' x NL12-1355707 'Hadenna'. For her pedigree click here.

We also had a one day long distance race from Issoudun (604 km) which was very tough. The fastest bird flew 1141 meters per minute. We entered 8 hens and 2 cocks. The hens did pretty well. They won 6 prize cards: 70-197-310-329-777-815. So we won 60% prize cards 1:4 and 40% prize cards 1:10. Nothing to be ashamed off.
Our first bird was NL16-1310997 'Lady Guusje', a very good long distance racer. For her pedigree click here.

NL16-1310997 'Lady Guusje' won among others 7th NPO Bourges 4,443 p, 2nd Chimay 962 p, 3rd Gien 524 p, 28th Morlincourt 4,756 p, 81st Soissons 8,631 p, 29th Chalons en Champagne 2,370 p, 55th Laon 3,798 p, 50th Quievrain 3,102 p and so on.