Best Provincial result from Nanteuil (363 km)

Best Provincial result from Nanteuil (363 km)

Last week we had the best overall result of our province again! For the race from Nanteuil (363 km) we entered 17 youngbirds. They were released at 10.30 and at 14.02 pm our NL19-1466498 arrived, our 1st nominated pigeon. In 16 minutes 12 out of our 17 birds returned and all won prize 1:10 in NPO-competition.

Against 1,879 pigeons  (NPO Afdeling 8/Zuid) we won: 4-8-11-24-30-45-47-61-67-130-154-185 (17/12).

  • Our first bird NL19-1466498 is a daughter to NL13-1921960 'Icarus' x NL12-1355707 'Hadenna'. For her pedigree click here.
  • Our second bird BE19-6182883 comes from Fernand Mariën, our vet from Belgium.
  • Our third bird NL19-1466491 is a granddaughter to Indy and a daughter to NL15-1475928 'Kurt' x NL13-1921966 'Ivy'. For her pedigree click here.

Tomorrow we have a short distance race from Quiervrain. It will be a fair race, the weather will be very good (eastern winds and 30 degrees). We will keep you informed!