Willy & William Geurtz from Haalderen have a lot of success with our pigeons!

Willy & William Geurtz from Haalderen  have a lot of success with our pigeons!

It was a few days ago that William Geurtz from Haalderen send us a email with some very nice references.

We start of this list with their "Sensation Diablo", a latebred from 2017 which is bred from a son of "Diablo" x "Renee" (daughter "Roosje"). This bird was:

10th Ace pigeon middle distance Fed. Lingewaard 2019
15th Ace pigeon overall Fed. Lingewaard 2020

He won among others:

1st Chalons 1,525 p. (2nd Prov. 17,360 p.)
1st Bierges 1,536 p.
1st Etroeungt 886 p.

6th Bierges 925 p.
11th Quievrain 1,569 p.
And so on. In total 9 x 1/100!

Their NL18-1640743 "Indy's 743" has been bred out of a full sister to our "Linus". It became 10th Ace pigeon one day long distance Fed. Lingewaard in 2019 and 8th Ace pigeon natour Kring 2, Regio 4 (140 m.) in 2020.  The same mother also bred a youngster which was gifted to A. Houmes and son from Middelburg. There it became 10th Provincial (Afdeing 1/Zeeland '96) ace pigeon middle distance!

NL20-1262943 "Speedy Diablo" (100% our strain, line "Diablo") is a promising bird. As a youngster it became 1st Ace pigeon and it won 3 x 1/100:

5th Laon 1,803 p (47th Provincial vs 11,148 p.)
11th Tongeren 1,247 p.
10th Nanteuil

From a daughter to our "Edgar" (father 6 x Teletext and a full brother one of the basic breeders for Peter Pennekamp) x "Kaatje" (daughter "Indy") William and his father bred their "JayJay" which won among others 9th NPO Châteaudun 3,263 p and 36th NPO Troyes 3,836 p. Two full sisters of "JayJay" were very good in 2020:


10th Prov. Dizy le Gros 14,634 p.
44h Nanteuil 1,300 p.
52nd Chimay 1,359 p.


3rd Bierges 341 p.
34th Dizy le Groes 1,217 p.
43th Nanteuil 1,300 p.