Championships 2020

Championships 2020

This year we had a great season again. We raced old and youngbirds from the loft in Beneden-Leeuwen (W. & F. Ebben) and for the first time in years we did not only race youngbirds, but also old birds from Boven-Leeuwen (Combinatie Ebben).

At the loft in Boven-Leeuwen we started with 15 old birds on total widowhood and in Beneden-Leeuwen we started with 24 old birds on total widowhood. We won the following championships at the one day long distance (500-700 km), our favorite discipline:

Regio 3, Afdeling 8  (all races count, appr. 400 members):

1st Not Nominated (W. & F. Ebben)
2nd Not Nominated (Comb. Ebben)
1st Nominated  (W. & F. Ebben)
2nd Ace Pigeon NL18-1682481 (W. & F. Ebben)

Afdeling 8/GOU, "Provincial" (all races count, appr. 1600 members):

4th Not Nominated (W. & F. Ebben)
5th Not Nominated (Comb. Ebben)
3rd Nominated (W. & F. Ebben)
8th Ace Pigeon NL18-1682481 (W. & F. Ebben)

Noordelijke-Unie ("Semi-National, appr. 8,000 members, 3 out of 3 races ):

2nd Not Nominated (Comb. Ebben)
3rd Nominated (W. & F. Ebben)
3rd Overall (W. & F. Ebben)

National NPO (appr. 14,000 members)

13rd Nominated (W. & F. Ebben)

National 'Fondspiegel' (appr. 14,000 members)

6th Overall Youngbirds 2018-2020 (Comb. Ebben)

The icing on the cake was winning the last NPO one day long distnace race from Châteaudun against 4,058 pigeons with NL19-7001814 'Odina'. She had a 8 minute lead. Eralier this year this daughter of "Diablo" x "Kabira" (daughter "Indy") won 1st Morlincourt 1,060 pigeons (4th Provincial 7,852 pigeons).

Furthermore our NL18-1682481 "Naomi" became 20th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in "De Allerbeste" competition & 8th Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance Afdeling 8/GOU (1st Federation) 2020, our NL18-1682491 "Nanko" became 22nd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance WHZB/TBOTB 2020.


Here are some nice results we achieved on the one day long distance in 2020 at the loft of W. & F Ebben:

06/07, Orléans, 504 km, 833 pigeons, 15 entered, 10 prize cards:
7-12-37-43-47 etc.

18/07, Bourges, 578 km, 1.451 pigeons, 15 entered, 7 prize cards:
7-29-58-101 etc.

15/08, Chateaudun, 517 km, 996 pigeons, 10 entered, 7 prize cards:
7-24-37-46-56-62 etc 

At the loft of Comb Ebben we had some nice results on the one day long distance too, depite the fact we raced with only yearlings of which 1/3 latebred which were never been raced in their year of birth:

18/07, Bourges, 579 km, 1.451 pigeons, 10 entered, 6 prize cards:

01/08, Orléans, 505 km, 1.387 pigeons, 8 entered, 6 prize cards:


At the loft of Combinatie Ebben we also achieved some very nice results with the youngbirds and on the natour again:

01/08, Bierges, 144 km, 1,881 pigeons, 31 entered, 16 prize cards:
1-18-21-29-32-35-55-89-98-114 etc.

05/09, Bierges, 144 km, 1,027 pigeons, 12 entered, 12 prize cards:

4-12-37-38-39-40-41-81-89-92 etc.

05-09, Morlincourt, 313 km, 909 pigeons, 22 entered, 16 prize cards:
1-5-6-7-9-13-16-18-19-27-64-66 etc.

12-09, Nanteuil, 363 km, 1,992 pigeons, 22 entered, 14 prize cards:
3-4-5-6-14-17-23-75-76-88-89 etc

19-09, Prov. Dizy le Gros, 275 km, 14,634 pigeons, 29 entered, 23 prize cards:
4-5-7-8-38-42-43-44-54-75-77-70-83 etc.

With the youngbirds were are not between the national NPO champions. This is for the first time since 2016. Still, we achieved two nice titles:

5th National "Podium der Grootmeesters" Youngbirds 2020
6th Best Fancier National competition 'Fondspiegel' Youngbirds 2018-2020

Furthermore our NL20-1302162 (daughter "Kurt" x "Evolution") became 1st Ace Pigeon Youngbirds (Short Distance) in CC Rivierenland and our BE20-6130898 (original F. & K. Mariën) became 1st Ace Pigeon Youngsters in Federation.