Great result on first race of 2021

Great result on first race of 2021

Last weekend we had our first race. It was not yet an official race for our Federation and Combine yet, but we have made a result sheet in our club and CC (small federation).

In our club 178 birds were entered. At the loft of Combinatie Ebben we won: 1-2-4-5-7-15-16 and so on (24 entered, 12 prize cards). At the loft of W. & F. Ebben we won the 3rd prize.

In Federation Rivierenland 855 birds were entered. Combinatie Ebbben won: 2-5-8-10-16-47-48-60-81 and son on (24 entered, 15 prize cards).

The first bird was NL19-1465767 'Orea', a latebred from 2019. She is a daughter to NL17-1343606 'Mad Max' from Ad Schaerlaekens (son famous 006 and full brother 'New Wonderduifje') mated to NL15-1899079 'Kamilah' which is a daughter to our basic pigeon 'Indy' mated to 'Hannibal'.

'Orea' won 1st Meer vs 178 p and 2nd in Federation Rivierenland vs 855 p.

















The beautifull eye of 'Orea'.

The weather forecast for next weekend looks very bad. At the moment it is snowing in the Netherlands. But we'll wait, it can always be better than expected.