7-16-34-45-79-90 etc Provincial Chalons en Champagne vs 12,753 pigeons


7-16-34-45-79-90 etc Provincial Chalons en Champagne vs 12,753 pigeons

Last week we had a really nice middle distance race from Chalons en Champagne. The weather was good and the pigeons had to deal with had headwinds.

At the loft of W. & F. Ebben we entered 17 pigeons and at the loft of Comb. Ebben we entered 24 pigeons. From the 41 birds we entered 25 won prize of which 20 x 1/10.

In our Province we won 7-16-34-45-79-90 and so on against 12,753 pigeons. You can see the result by clicking here 

We will introduce our pigeons in the top-50 Provincial vs 12,753 pigeons:

The first bird that arrived (7th vs 12,753 p) is NL20-1302162 'Princess'. This hen is a daughter to our famous NL09-5910006 Evolution, mother to 7 x Teletekst! She was mated to NL15-1475928 'Kurt', a top breeding son of NL13-1921958 'Indy'. 
'Princess' already won 1st Bierges 1,881 pigeons as a youngster. We expect a lot from her in the future.

NL20-1302162 'Princess'

The second bird that arrived (16th vs 12,753 p) is NL18-1682481 'Naomi', one of our best racers in recent years. She already won 5 x top 30 Provincial: 

5th Prov. Morlincourt 7,852 p.
5th NPO Nanteuil 5,215 p.
15th NPO Peronne 5,900 p.
16th Prov. Chalons en Champagne 12,753 p.
29th NPO Bourges 5,856 p.

And a lot of other top-prizes!! 'Naomi' is a daughter of NL15-1475928 'Kurt' as well and therefor a halfsister to 'Princess'. The mother of 'Naomi' comes from Ad Schaerlaeckens and won 1st NPO Laon 5,836 p. at the loft of Comb. Ebben.

NL18-1682481 'Naomi'

The third bird that arrived (34th vs 12,753 p) is NL18-1682484 'Nelis'. In recent years he already won a/o 11th Laon 4,942 p, 44th Niergnies 4,522 p, 28th Chimay 11,228 p and  son on. He is a son of NL10-1404046 'Fidel' (son NL03-2083516 'Roosje') x NL14-1130826 'Jenny' (original A.S. and halfsister to famous BE10-6251541 'Den Ad')

NL18-1682484 'Nelis'

The fourth bird that arrived (45th vs 12,753 p) is NL18-1682504 'Natasja'. This hen ended two times in the top 70 national  Ace Pigeons (Pipa) and won among others 5th Tienen 2,214 p, 45th Chalons 12,753 p, 66th Soissons 18,250 p, 31st Morlincourt 4,028 p, 45th Morlincourt 4,756 p, 9th Vierzon 800 p, 32nd Chateaudun 2,701 p and so on. 
'Natasja' is a daughter to NL17-1055941 'Mark' (son NL13-1921960 'Icarus' x NL12-1355707 'Hadenna') mated to NL17-1056002 'Mable' (full sister to NL16-1310994 'Linus').

NL18-1682504 'Natasja'

You can check the pedigrees of all our early birds through the link of the live arrivals on this website.


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