Best NATIONAL result on the weekend of June 6th: 100% prize cards in the first 10%!!!


Best NATIONAL result on the weekend of June 6th: 100% prize cards in the first 10%!!!

Last weekend we achieved the best national result on the weekend from June 6th.

At the loft of Combinatie Ebben we entered 13 pigeons for the provincial race from Niergnies (252 kms). All of them one prize 1:10 and 8 of them won prize 1:100 (62%).

There were 9,279 pigeons entered for this race and our team won: 5-14-19-23-61-62-72-90-108-125-173-249 and 540.
This was the best result on average points (949 in Afdeling 8, 827 in our Combine) of the whole Netherlands last weekend!!

We will introduce the birds which won a prize card in the top 25 Provincial:

The 5th Provincial was won by our 1st nominated bird NL19-1466499 'Oreo'. This hen also became 1st Ace Pigeon short distance in our Combine and 5th Prov. Ace Pigeon Short Distance this year. She won among others 2nd Quievrain 5,139 p (beaten by her nestsister), 5th Prov. Niernies 9,297 p, 15th Niergnies 5,156 p, 21st Bierges 5,348 p, 100th Int. NU Orléans 22,706 p, 13th Niergnies 2,499 p and so on.

NL19-1466499 'Oreo'

The 14th Provincial was won by our 2nd nominated bird NL20-1302164 'Pandamic'. This son of NL16-1310994 'Linus' is a great racer. In his short career he already won 2 x top 25 Provincial. He already won 6 prizes 1/100: 1st Morlincourt federation 909 p (21st Prov. 8,903 p), 5th Prov. Dizy le Gros 14,634 p, 15th Prov. Niergnies 9,279 p, 17th Niergnies 5,156 p, 90th Prov. Chalons en Champagne 12,753 p, 20th Bierges 5,348 p and so on.

NL20-1302164 'Pandamic'

The 19th Provincial was won by NL20-1302151 'Patrick'. He is a full brother to NL19-1465499 'Oreo' and son of the topcouple NL13-1921960 'Icarus' x NL12-1355707 'Hadenna'. 'Patrick' also won 5th Nanteuil 1,992 p and 52nd Niergnies 3,808 p.

NL20-1302151 'Patrick'

The 23rd Provincial was won by NL19-1466483 'Orpheus'. This cock already won 5 x 1st in our club. He became a/o 14th National Ace Pigeon YB 'De Allerbeste' in 2019 and 1st Overall Ace Bird YB in CC Rivierenalnd. As a yearling, he became 8th Ace Pigeon Long Distance in our Federation. 'Orpheus' won among others (9 x 1/100): 1st Meer 157 p, 2nd Sezanne 568 p, 3rd Niergnies 5,139 p, 4th Melun 898 p, 4th Niergnies 2,499 p, 8th Sens 1,072 p, 22nd Bierges 803 p, 23rd Niergnies 9,279 p, 28th Int. NU Orléans 22,706 p and so on.

NL19-1466483 'Orpheus'

We also participated in the long distance race from Salbris from the loft of Combinatie Ebben. We send 9 pigeons and won 6 prize cards (66%) of which 3 x 1/10 (33%). This was the 18th best Provincial result (485 participants).

W. & F. Ebben

From the loft of W. & F. Ebben we also sent the birds to these two races. In the race from Niergnies we entered 9 pigeons of which 7 won a prize card 1/4 (77%) and 6 won a prize card 1/10 (66%). Our first bird from this loft is a inbred granddaughter to 'Indy' and won the 18th Provincial vs 9,297 pigeons

To the one day long distance race from Salbris (555 kms) we send 10 birds of which 7 won a prize card 1/4 (70%) and 4 won a prize card 1/10 (40%). This was the 11th best Provincial result from this race (485 participants). Our first bird won the 25th Provincial vs 4,671 pigeons. It comes from Ad van Loon from Halsteren. 


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