3rd Semi-Final Avrings Derby (402 km)


3rd Semi-Final Avrings Derby (402 km)

On September 6th the Semi-Final of the Avirings Derby was kept. Our birds did great again, on the 3rd race (256 km) we won 6-13-36-84-95 and so on. On the 4th race (316 km) we won 2-58-87-93 and so on. This semi-final was the 5th race and now we won 3-36-69-91 and so on.

In the intermediate standings (only the final still to go) we currently have the 5th Ace Overall pigeon with NL21-1004643 and in the Avirings '3 races' Cup (the three last races) we are on position 6 with NL21-1004653.

We send 9 birds to this race and 8 are still there!


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