Superweekend: 1st & 2nd Prov Morlincourt 6,385 b. & 1st Sens 1,053 b.!


Superweekend: 1st & 2nd Prov Morlincourt 6,385 b. & 1st Sens 1,053 b.!

Last weekend the last two races for our province (Afdeling 8/GOU) were kept. A 'natourrace' from (Morlincourt 313 km) and a youngbird race from Sens (440 km).

The natour was liberated at 9.45 am. Our first two birds arrived a bit earlier then we expected, at 12.55.32 the first bird was clocked. It was our 1st nominated bird NL20-1302157 'Paulina' . This bird is racing very good this season, she won 6 x 1/100 and 11 x 1/10 this year.

The overall result was great, we had the first two birds in our province. Against 6.385 birds we won: 1, 2, 44, 45, 83 etc. We entered 15 birds and won 11 prize cards 1:4. This was good for the 7th best loft result on average points:

Paulina was our first bird from Morlincourt. She became 3rd Overall Ace Pigeon Speed in our Combine (Regio ZW Afdeling 8), 1st Ace Natour in our combine and 4th Provincial Ace Natour (Afdeling 8), vs appr. 1750 fanciers. She won among others: 1st Prov. Morlincourt 6,385 b, 4th Prov. Dizy le Gros 14,634 b,  8th Bierges 4,090 b, 13th Niergnies 2,198 b, 17th Tienen 4,814 b, 30th Chimay 5,421 b, 63rd Melun 7,291 b and so on. For her pedigree click here.

NL19-1466591 'Orina' was our 2nd bird from Morlincourt. She also won a lot of early prizes already: 2nd Prov. Morlincourt 6,385 b, 4th Chimay 5,421 b (4th fastest 11,228 b), 7th Quievrain 5,139 b, 7th Quievrain 924 b, 11th Nanteuil 1,179 b, 28th Niergnies 5,156 b, 42nd Sezanne 9,303 b, 61st Niergnies 9,279 b and so on. She is a granddaughter to NL12-1355632 'Hannibal' and NL13-1912958 'Indy'. For her pedigree click here.


The youngbird nationial sector race was liberated at 9.00 am in Sens, for us 440 kms. We entered 11 birds and won 5 good prize cards. Against 1,053 pigeons in our combine: 1, 8, 23, 26 and 32. Although we are used to winning more prize cards, this was still good for the 2nd best overall result in our province (326 fanciers participating).

The first bird that arrived was our NL21-1004657. She also became 2nd Ace pigeon YB Middle Distance in our combine. It's a daughter to NL15-1475928 'Kurt'  x NL09-5910006 'Evolution'. So, she won the first prize in our combine but also the 16th National Sector III vs 8,800 birds. Furthermore she won among others 5th Morlincourt 1,468 birds, 64th Niergnies 1,257 birds and 77th Niergnies 1,506 birds. For her pedigree click here.

Although championships do not matter to us that much, in our Province (Afdeling 8/GOU, appr. 1750 members) we became 3rd Not Nominated YB Middle Distance and 8th Not Nominated Natour after this weekend. We will probably end 13th in the National championship with the youngbirds.

In our combine (appr. 400 fanciers) we had the 2nd, 3rd and 7th Ace Pigeon Youngsters Middle Distance

The season is over, we can look back with satisfaction and prepare for 2022!


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