1. La Ferte St Aubin (530 kms) 1,275 birds with direct daughter Linus


1. La Ferte St Aubin (530 kms) 1,275 birds with direct daughter Linus

Last weekend we had the first one day long distance race from La Ferte St. Aubin (529 kms for W. & F. Ebben and 530 kms for Combinatie Ebben). The weather was good and the birds had to deal with headwinds. The fastest bird flew just over 1200 mpm.

We had a very nice result. We entered 38 pigeons together and in our combine we won: 1, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 29, 44, 57, 62, 69, 74, 79, 94, 100 and so on against 1,275 pigeons.

We will introduce the birds that won 1:100 to you.


The first bird that arrived was NL20-1302163 'Pizza', this hen is a direct daughter to NL16-1310994 'Linus' mated to NL15-1875429 'Katja'. This hen already won 13. provincial Morlincourt 20,278 pigeons only two weeks ago. Now she won 18. NPO vs 6,865 pigeons.

NL20-1302163 'Pizza' won among others 13. Morlincourt 20,278 p, 1. La Ferte St. Aubin 1,275 p, 16. Chimay 5,421 p, 14. Morlincourt 2,412 p, 62. Niergnies 9,279 p and so on.


The 2nd bird that arrived was NL21-1004605 'Queen Indy'. This is the last daughter of 'Indy' that we bred. She now wins 5. La Ferte St. Aubin vs 1,275 p.

NL21-1004605 'Queen Indy', the last direct daughter of 'Indy' in our racing lofts.


The third pigeon that arrived was NL18-1682484 'Nelis'. He is a grandson to our famous NL03-2083516 'Roosje' and a full brother to the 1. Provincial Ace Pigeon Natour 2017.

NL18-1682484 'Nelis' won among others 11. NPO Laon 4.942 p, 34. Prov. Chalons en Champagne 12,822 p, 6. La Ferte St. Aubin 1,275 p, 28. Chimay 5,421 p (= 28. fastest 11,228 p) and 44. Niergnies 4,522 p.


Our fourth pigeon was NL18-5163574 'Nora'. This daughter to the top breeding pair NL12-1355632 'Hannibal' x NL15-1875429 'Katja' already won a lot of prize cards in the top 1%. She is a full sister to several super breeders (a/o at Frans Strikker) and racers (a/o NL16-1310997 'Lady Guusje').

NL18-5163574 won among others: 4. NPO Nanteuil 5,215 p, 6. Bierges 5,348 p, 3. Chalons en Champagne 2,370 p, 8. Chimay 5,421 p (= 8. fastest 11,228 p), 3. St. Job 1,217 p, 7. La Ferte St. Aubin 1,275 p, 2. Reims 249 p and so on.


NL18-1682504 'Natasja' was our fifth bird. As a yearling 'Natasja' became 58. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance (Pipa Ranking) and 66. Ace Pigeon Yearlings (Pipa Ranking).


NL18-1682504 'Natasja', bred from a full sister to NL16-1310994 'Linus', won among others: 5. Tienen 2,214 b, 45. Prov. Chalons en Champagne 12,822 b, 37 Prov. Soissons 8,631 b, 51. Prov. Melun 7,291 b, 49. Prov. La Ferte St. Aubin 6,865 b, 31. Morlincourt 4,028 b and 45. Morlincourt 4,756 b.



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