Yes! 1st National Ruffec against 9,998 pigeons!


Yes! 1st National Ruffec against 9,998 pigeons!

Last Friday we had national secorraces from Bordeaux (Sector 1 & 2) and Ruffec (Sector 3 & 4). We participate in Sector 3 & 4 and had a distance from 760 km. 

The birds were liberated at 7.15 am and had tailwinds on the way. At 4.58.39 pm our BE20-6130898 'Peke' arrived, she gained a velocity of  1451 meters per minute. We immediately knew that it was an early pigeon, because there were only two pigeons at shorter distances that we already had defeated. Now it was just a matter of time to see whether pigeons achieved a higher speed at further distances.

At 5.30 pm we knew we won the first prize in sector 3 and a little later we also knew we had the fastest bird in sector 3 & 4 against 9,998 pigeons. Sector 1 & 2 had a race from Bordeaux the same day, and these pigeons also did not fly faster then our bird. So our bird was the fastest bird in the sectorraces last Friday in which 23,855 pigeons competed.

Despite the fact the first birds gained a high velocity, it was not an easy race. In the first 30 minutes only 48 out of 7.130 birds in our sector arrived. It took almost 2,5 hours until the prizes 1:3 were earned. We entered 8 pigeons and 7 won a prize card 1:3, of which 3 x 1:10. This was the 9. best result in our sector with 519 average points against 776 fanciers.

The winner 'Peke' comes from Ferdinand and Koen Mariën from Tielen (Belgium). She was entered 35 times and won 32 prizes, of which 23 x 1:10 and 7 x 1:100. She achieves top results under all conditions. Last year she was our third pigeon from Chateauroux (628 km) and then she won the 25th NPO against 3,304 pigeons at only 1012 meters per minute after being in the air for 10 hours and 21 minutes. She can take a lot too. We basketed for Ruffec on Tuesday and on Saturday 'Peke' won 17. Nevers (580 kms) vs 1,842 pigeons! This special pigeon is now in our breeding loft.


BE20-6130898 'Peke'


On Saturday we participated in a race from Melun. Here we achieved a nice result as well. Combinatie Ebben entered 10 birds and won 8 prizes of which 6 x 1:10 and W. & F. Ebben entered 12 birds and won 7 prizes of which 4 x 1:10.

On the Grand Prix race from Melun Combinatie Ebben had the 6. best provincial result according to the 'Grootmeesters' competition of 'Het Spoor der Kampioenen' (639 fanciers competing).


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