Great season ending: 1. Champion Prov. SFG, 1. Prov. Ace Pigeon, 7-12 NPO Issoudun etc.


Great season ending: 1. Champion Prov. SFG, 1. Prov. Ace Pigeon, 7-12 NPO Issoudun etc.

Last Saturday we had our last oldbird race from Issoudun (605 km). At Combinatie Ebben in Boven-Leeuwen we booked a great succes. In NPO competition we won 7-12-56-62-79 and so on against 3,864 pigeons. We entered 15 pigeons and won 9 prize cards. This was the 8th best provincial result (416 fanciers).

In our combine we won against 898 pigeons: 1-4-19-20-28 etc. 


Our first two birds were our nominated pigeons. The first bird that arrived was our 2nd Nominated bird NL20-1302181 'Piet'. This great racer won 4 x top 10 NPO/Provincial so far.

So far 'Piet' won 1st Vierzon 1,062 pigeons (3rd NPO 3,993 pigeons), 1st Vierzon 527 pigeons (4th NPO 3,768 pigeons), 1st Issoudun 898 pigeons (7th NPO 3,864 pigeons), 7th Provincial Dizy le Gros 14,634 pigeons and so on.


The 2nd bird that arrived was NL20-1302163 'Pizza', currently the best Ace Pigeon of the Netherlands in the intermediate standings of the Pipa-ranking. She also became 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance Afdeling 8/GOU.


'Pizza' is a daughter of NL16-1310994 'Linus' and currently one of the best racers in the Netherlands.

Championships at provincial level

The championships are known now too. Combinatie Ebben won at Provincial (Afd. 8/GOU, appr. 1000 fanciers) level:

2nd Not Nominated One Day Long Distance 
2nd Nominated One Day Long Distance
1st Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance (NL20-1302163)

5th Nominated Short Distance

20th Not Nominated Middle Distance

5th Nominated Middle Distance
12th Not Nominiated Middle Distance

W. & F. Ebben became 8th Not Nominated One Day Long Distance and had the 9th Ace Pigeon (NL18-1682491).

In Supefondclub GOU (Provincial Specialist Club) Combinatie Ebben became 1st Overall champion, 2nd Not Nominated and 1st Nominated. We also had the 1st Ace Pigeon (NL20-1302163)

In Superfondclub GOU W. & F. Ebben became 13th Not Nominated, 10th Nominated and 10th Overall and 4th Ace Pigeon (NL18-1682491).


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