1-2-8 etc from Bierges agains 2,370 pigeons


1-2-8 etc from Bierges agains 2,370 pigeons

Last weekend we had our third youngbird race from Bierges. Combinatie Ebben had a good result. In our combine we won against 2,370 pigeons: 1-2-8 etc against 2,370 pigeons. We entered 20 birds and won 12 prize cards.

The first bird that arrived was NL22-8280502, a daughter of NL19-1666890 'Odar' (original Verkerk) x NL17-1056002 'Mable' (full sister 'Linus').

The 2nd bird that arrived was NL22-8280503, a son of NL17-1055923 'Marnix' (son 'Evolution')  x NL19-1466499 'Oreo' (full sister 'Piet')

The 3rd bird that arrived was NL22-8280536, a daughter of NL12-1355632 'Hannibal' x NL13-1921966 'Ivy'.

This week we will have a race from Quievrain for the youngbirds and the fall races for old & young will start next week.


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