Great success on one loft race AS Golden (Greece)


Great success on one loft race AS Golden (Greece)

For several years we have also been focusing, with great success, on one loft races. You can't participate in everything, so in the future we will mainly focus on two races: AS Golden (Greece) and the Avirings Derby (Slovenia).

The winter race of the AS Golden ended a few months ago. With Arnold Paalman we participated under the name “Ebben-Paalman” and with Arno van Benten under the name “Ebben-van Benten”. It went great:

- In the second race (130 kms) we won 1-14-21-31-38-42-52-53-81 etc. The first pigeon comes from a son of NL20-1302164 'Pandemic'!

- In the third race (179 kms) we won 3-27-74-82-106-127-129-131 etc.

- In the fourth race (240 kms) we won 27-28-45-58-76-82-108-117-128-138 etc.

- In the semi-final (325 kms) we won the 1st prize with our “611”, he is a grandson to “Linus”! Our 2nd bird, the “174”, won the 17th prize, she comes from “Odar” (Verkerk) x “Mable” (sister "Linus").

- In the final (480 kms) we won 4th with the “611”, 11th (“174”), 62-74-86-110-120 and so on.
We were very happy with these results, especially with our two toppigeons “611” and “174”.  We absolutely wanted to buy these pigeons back and we succeeded. They are in our OLR breeding loft now!

NL22-8230611, a grandson to "Linus", won 1st in the semifinal and 4th in the final. He also became 3rd grand average ace pigeon, 4th super ace pigeon and 4th long distance ace pigeon! For his pedigree click here.

NL22-8281174, bred from a sister to "Linus" mated to a cock from G. & S. Verkerk, won 17th in the semifinal and 11th in the final of the AS Golden Winter Race. She became 6th super ace pigeon, 9th grand average ace pigeon and 11th ace pigeon long distance. For her pedigree click here.

For this summer we participate in the AS Golden (with 7 birds) and in the Avirings Derby (with 19 birds).