Great result from Chimay: 10-11-57 etc Provincial against 7,617 pigeons


Great result from Chimay: 10-11-57 etc Provincial against 7,617 pigeons

Last weekend we had a great result from Chimay (221 km), the pigeons were liberated in Chimay at 12.30 pm with hot weather headwinds, nice circumstances for a fair race. At 15.32 two birds arrived. They won 10 and 11 against 7,617 pigeons. The other birds did well too, we won 16 prize cards out of 27 birds (59%) of which 10 x 1:10 (37%) and 3 x 1:100 (11%).

The first bird that arrived was our 2nd nominated, the NL23-9147665, a daughter to 'Linus' x 'Peke'. Four seconds later NL23-9147627 was registered. He is a full brother to 'Paulina'. The third pigeon was our new supertalent and 1st nominated NL23-9147633. This young cock, a grandson to 'Mad Max' and 'Odina' and a son to NL13-1921976 won 4 x 1:100 out of 5 races so far.

This result was the 4th best reasult in our combine (394 average points/127 participants).


On Saturday we had a natour race from Bierges (144 km). We entered 10 birds and won 9 prize cards: 6-17-47-181 etc (5 x 1:10 and 2 x 1:100). Our first bird was NL22-8280514 'Renée', a daughter of 'Linus' x 'Katja' so a full sister of 'Pandemic' and 'Pizza'. She is currently the 12th best yearling in the Pipa ranking (still a few races to go). Our 2nd bird was NL19-1466502 'Oceana'. This great hen is currently 10th National Ace Pigeon Old birds in the Pipa ranking (still a few races to go)

This result was the 3rd best result in our combine (641 average points/161 participants)

NL22-8280514 'Renée' was our first bird from Bierges.

AS Golden Extra Derby

We also had the AS Golden Extra Derby last week (August 17). Our team with Arnold Paalman had 3 Ebbenpigeons in this race where 220 pigeons were participating. It was a very, very hard race. Only 30 pigeons came back in the first day and the winner achieved a veloicty of only 915 mpm. We won 19-25 and 75, which indicates that our pigeons can handle tough conditions well. Our first pigeon already won 98/628 birds in the final, 72/830 in the semi-final and 72/1089 in race 4.


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