Best result on YB races in combine for two weeks on a row


Best result on YB races in combine for two weeks on a row

In the last two weeks we achieved some nice results again, only we did not have time to post them.

From Nanteuil le Haudouin (August 26) Comb. Ebben had the best Provincial result according to the magazine 'Spoor der Kampioenen'. In Afdeling 8/South (212 fanciers) we won against 3,482 pigeons: 12-13-23-29-61-62-82-83-89 etc. (25 entered, 23 prize cards). We won 4 x 1:100 and 14 x 1:10. The first bird was a full sister to NL20-1302157 'Paulina'. 

The natour race was also good for Comb. Ebben winning 8 prizes out of 9 entered birds, resulting in the 5th best result in our combine.

Last weekend we had a natour and a youngbird race. On the youngbird race W. & F. Ebben had the best result in our combine.


Last weekend we had a youngbird and a natour race from Chimay. Comb. Ebben entered the best 8 youngsters on the youngbird race, and the others on the natour race (same liberation). The result on the youngbird race was disappointing. Only the 1st nominated (a real super) won a good prize (18th provincial/1st club), the others were not in time. Still we won 50% prize.

For W. & F. Ebben it was a good race, 15 prizes out of 21 birds of which 10 x 1:10, it was the best overall result in our combine.

The birds which were raced on the natour of Combinatie Ebben also did a good job, 19 prizes out of 22 birds. Against 1,918 birds we won: 4-6-24-45-91-92-99-112-113 etc. (10 x 1:10). This resulted in the 6th best result in our combine against 142 fanciers. 

NL22-8280503 'René' was our first bird from Chimay winning 4th vs 1,918 p (1st club)

Next weekend we have the last race of this season. We won many championships and will keep you updated.