1-3-14-21-59 etc vs 6,770 birds (17/15) and 1st overall champion Afd. 8/GOU (1,682 members)


1-3-14-21-59 etc vs 6,770 birds (17/15) and 1st overall champion Afd. 8/GOU (1,682 members)

After the races it is alwasy busy with work and we had not yet taken the time to share the result of the last race with you. Exactly a month ago we had the last 'natour' race from Niergnies (252 km). There were 6,770 pigeons participating and at the loft of Comb. Ebben we won 1-3-14-21-59-74-75-79 and so on. We entered 17 pigeons and won 15 prizes 1:10 (88 %) and 5 prize cards 1:100 (29 %). This was the 3rd best provincial result on average points (522 fanciers participating).

These pigeons won 1:100:

1st Niergnies 6,770 pigeons

The NL23-4703303 'Sander' arrived first. This cock, a spitting image of his uncle 'Linus', comes from co-breeding with Gerald Ensing from Valthe. His best breeding cock 'Tears' (father 3 x 1st Provincial) coupled to 'Mable', a full sister of 'Linus' (mother 2 x 1st Provincial and grandmother 1st Provincial).


3rd Niergnies 6,770 pigeons

More than a minute after the first pigeon NL22-8080513 'Renate' arrived. This hen became General Ace Pigeon in our club this year and only missed her prize once. She comes from the 2nd national ace pigeon one day long distance which was purchased from comb. Mookhoek coupled to 'Mabel', a daughter of the top breeding couple 'Hannibal' x 'Katja'. Her nest sister flew 1st Provincial Chimay against 8,815 pigeons last year.


14th Niergnies 6,770 pigeons

After a gap of 4 minutes, there appear to be only a few pigeons arrived on this tough flight. NL23-9147618 then arrives at our place. This promising cock is a son of none other than 'Linus' coupled to 'Peke', winner of the 1st national Ruffec (760 km). The 618 is a half-brother of 'Pizza' (1st national ace pigeon, Olympiad pigeon) and 'Pandemic' (19 x 1:100 and 4 x 1st in big competition).

21st Niergnies 6,770 pigeons

'Rietje' NL22-8280502 was the fourth pigeon that arrived at our loft. She is a half-sister on her mother's side to the 303, which won this flight, from 'Mable'. Her father comes from G. & S. Verkerk. 'Rietje' became 19th national ace pigeons pearlings (Pipa Ranking) this year.


59th Niergnies 6,770 pigeons

The last pigeon thatwon 1:100 was again a young cock. We only raced young cocks and old hens on Niergnies. The NL23-9147627 comes from 'Nardo' x 'Malon' and is therefore a full brother of 'Paulina' (1st Prov. and 19th national ace pigeon yearlings)

In the mean time it has become clear we became 1st overall champion in Afdeling 8/GOU (1,682 members). More information on championships and a nice reference will follow soon.

Futhermore, today an auction of 11 of our birds will start at 2 pm at Herbots. There is nothing for sale at home anymore. If you are interested, click on this link https://www.herbots.be/en/auction/pigeon-bids-comb-ebben#/