1st Avirings Ultimate race (607 km) !


1st Avirings Ultimate race (607 km) !

At october 2nd the Avirings Ultimate Race was kept (607 km). This is a race kept after the final for the remaining pigeons. Only the top 40 from the final and the top 10 acepigeons were not allowed to participate in the race, they needed to be in the auction.

We activated our remaining birds for this race, which became very nice, mostly headwinds and 607 km. We won the 1st prize and our bird gained a velocity of 1160 mpm. It was clocked at 16.28 and had 4,5 minutes lead. Of the 300+ entered pigeons 31 arrived in the first day.

The winner is a grandson of our 'Linus'. In this spring we won the semi-final and 4th in the final in the AS Golden Race, as well with a grandson of 'Linus'! 

For the pedigree of the winner click here.

For people who are interested in our pigeons, ourselves we have nothing for sale anymore, but you can participate in an auction at Herbots: https://www.herbots.be/en/auction/pigeon-bids-comb-ebben#/