Best semi-provincial result (175 fanciers) on first race!


Best semi-provincial result (175 fanciers) on first race!

Last weekend we had the first offficial race of this season. In our combine 175 fanciers had entered 4,294 pigeons. On both lofts we had a good result:

W. & F. Ebben (26 entered) won: 8, 14, 31, 45, 165, 267, 269, 278, 286, 361 etc. That is 10 prizes 1:10 (38%) and 3 prizes 1:100 (11%).

Combinatie Ebben (30 pigeons entered) won: 7, 23, 24, 25, 26, 42, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 157, 257, 259, 264, 341, 347 etc. That is 18 prizes 1:10 (60%) and 6 prizes 1:100 (20%).

With this result Combinatie Ebben had the best result on average points in our combine.

The pigeons that won 1:100 are (4,294 pigeons competing):

7. Prize:  NL23-9147633 'Super 33'. He was 5. Nat. ace youngsters and won 4 x 1. already. Inbred to our base breeder 'Roosje'.

8. Prize: NL23-9147816. This cock we got from our father/brother when he quit pigeonracing last year. His father is a full brother of 'Pandemic' and 'Pizza', his mother comes from Bert Wolf.

14. Prize: NL23-9147745. This hen comes from Fernand and Koen Mariën.

23. Prize:  NL22-8280502 'Rietje'. As a yearling she was 19. National Ace Pigeon. Her father comes from Bas and Gerard Verkerk, her mother is a full sister to 'Linus' and a superbreeder.

24. Prize: NL23-9147665. This daughter to 'Linus' x 'Peke' was one of our best youngsters. You will hear a lot from this pigeon in the future! 

25. Prize: NL23-9314838. Original Willem de Bruijn. Full sister to the best youngbird in Gouwe & IJssel in 2023.

26. Prize: NL23-9147668. Daughter to 'Pandemic'! Unfortunately we lost her mother 'Orina' last year. She won 14 x 1:100 and was 2nd Ace in our Combine.

31. Prize: NL23-9147715. Is a grandchild to 'Mad Max', 'Odina' and 'Lady Guusje'.

42. Prize: NL23-9147618. This cock is also a son of 'Linus' x 'Peke' (1st national Ruffec 760 km).

For the pedigrees of these birds, visit the 'iive arrivals' section in the menu of this website.