Best result in our federation on the 2nd race again!


Best result in our federation on the 2nd race again!

Last weekend we had the 2nd race of this season from Bierges (144 kms). In the southern part of our province the wind was in our favour, and we achieved a great result:

Comb. Ebben won against 11,333 pigeons: 
12, 14, 28, 29, 66, 175, 185, 213, 215, 219, 229, 257 and so on
We entered 30 pigeons and won 25 prize cards 1:3 (83%), 19 prize cards 1:10 (63%) and 6 prize cards 1:100 (20%).
This was the 2nd best result in Afdeling 8/South (427 fanciers) and the best result in our federation (again).

W. & F. Ebben won against 11,333 pigeons
17, 118, 122, 124, 127, 170, 225, 230, 237 etc
We entered 25 pigeons and won 20 prize cards 1:3 (80%) and 11 prize cards 1:10 (44%)

The birds that won 1:100 are:

12. NL23-9147603 from NL18-5163572 "Nardo"  x NL17-1055960 "Malon" (parents "Paulina")

14. NL22-8280502 from NL19-1666890 "Odar" (Verkerk) x NL17-1056002 "Mable" (full sister "Linus")

17. NL23-9147728 from NL19-1666890 "Odar" (Verkerk) x NL17-1055961 "Mandy" (granddaughter "Roosje")

28. NL23-9147639 from NL12-1355632 "Hannibal" x NL19-1465739 "Olivia" (daughter "Linus" x "Indy")

29. NL23-9147666 from NL16-1319994 "Linus" x BE20-6130898 "Peke"

66. NL23-4703303 from NL14-1068183 "Tears" (superbreeder Gerald Ensing) x NL17-1056002 "Mable"

Loft visists and pigeons for sale

Several people contact us to make a loft visit. Unfortunately we no longer do this.
We also have no pigeons for sale at the moment. This autumn, several youngsters will be auctioned. Information will follow later through this website.