Luna - NL16-1312234

Luna - NL16-1312234

'Luna' came as an egg from Ad Schaerlaeckens. She was one of the best youngbirds in the Netherlands in 2016. In only 6 weeks time she won:

02-07-2016 24th St. Job in 't Goor 425 p.
09-07-2016 1st Duffel 410 p.
16-07-2015 23rd Asse Zellik 2,480 p.
24-07-2016 5th Asse Zellik 1,989 p.
31-07-2016 2nd Moeskroen 1,743 p. (beaten by loftmate)
06-08-2016 3rd NPO Laon 3,798 p. (beaten by 2 loftmates)

So 5 x 1:100 on a row!

She became:

1st Ace pigeon combine 2016 (not entered on the last race!)
2nd Provincial ace pigeon Afdeling 8/GOU 2016 (not entered on the last race!)
5th National ace pigeon short distance youngbirds Pipa-ranking 2016
7th National ace pigeon WHZB/TBOTB youngbirds 2016

13th Best Olympiadpigeon for the Netherlands youngbirds 2016

She moved directly to the breeding loft after the race season and already became mother to:

NL17-1055986 - 1st Chimay 551 p.
NL17-1055921 - Won at Ad Schaerlaeckens 6 prizes out of 8 races as a youngster, 3 x 1:10
NL17-1055922 - 7th Ace pigeon youngbirds CC De Waalkant
NL17-1055953 - 6 prizes out of 7 250+ km races of which 5 x 1:10



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