Ivy - NL13-1921966

Ivy - NL13-1921966

'Ivy' came as an egg from Ad Schaerlaeckens in 2013. That year we bought about 20 eggs at Ad Schaerlaeckens and besides four of them, all pigeons were tested in the racing loft. The four that went directly to the breeding loft were three from his best breeders and 'Ivy', not because of her pedigree, but because of her appearance. She is a beautiful pigeon which proved to be an excellent breeder too. She became mother to among others:

NL14-1719149 'Josje': 

1st Quievrain 3,587 p. (also fastest entire release vs 8,216 p.)
1st Chimay 962 p.
1st Vervins 792 p.
1st St. Job 553 p.
1st Isnes 245 p.
9th Isnes 4,960 p.
18th La Ferte Jouare 1,488 p.

15-1475897 'Kim': 

7th St. Job in 't Goor 2,952 p.
48th Asse Zellik 5,042 p.
2nd Nanteuil le Haudouin 210 p.
7th Duffel 624 p.
3rd Duffel 222 p.

NL16-1311000 'Lady Gaga':

10th Best Dutch Olympiad pigeon Brussel Cat. F 2017
2nd Laon 2,398 p.
4th Quievrain 3,102 p.
3rd Moeskroen 1,743 p.
25th Epernay 4,695 p.
7th Chimay 481 p.
41st Asse Zellik 1,989 p.

NL16-1310999 'Le Haudouin':

19th NPO Nanteuil le Haudouin 4,457 p.

'Ivy' is a granddaugther to two famous Schaerlaeckens-pigeons: BE08-6173250 'New Basic Breeder' and NL08-2116553 'Son Home Alone'.

Last modified: 05/03/2018