Katja - NL15-1875429

Katja - NL15-1875429


'Katja' was a present from Peter Janßen from Kleve. She is a full sister to famous DV0147-10-92 'Müller' which won:

1st National ace pigeon one day long distance 'Fondspiegel' 2013-2015
1st NPO Sens 6,432 p.
1st Provincial Morlincourt 24,532 p.

4th NPO Blois 4,950 p.
9th NPO Châteauroux 4,535 p.
10th Provincial Péronne 20,485 p.
30th NPO Salbris 7,041 p.
30th NPO Châteaudun 3,120 p.

'Katja' is a daughter to BE09-6358797 'Best Kaasboer Son Ever' (original Gaston van de Wouwer and son famous BE98-6335690 'Kaasboer') which was sold on Pipa at december 28th, 2016 for 150,000 euro. His mother is a granddaughter to famous BE95-6246005 'Kannibaal' (Dirk van Dyck).

A full sister of 'Katja' became mother to 'Banshee', 1st National ace pigeon one day long distance at Douwe and Peter Soepboer from Burgum.

'Katja' already proved her breeding skills in her first ear on the breeding loft. She became mother to among others (all mated to NL12-1355632 'Hannibal'):

NL16-1311042 'Linus 042':

1st Quievrain 3,102 p.
1st Gien 141 p. (74th NPO vs 4,697 p)
17th NPO Pithiviers 3,508 p.
22nd Epernay 4,695 p.
61st Asse Zellik 2,480 p.
11th Quievrain 366 p.

NL16-1310997 'Lady Guusje':

33rd National ace pigeon youngbirds 'Fondspiegel' 2016
7th NPO Bourges 4,443 p.
16th chimay 5,394 p.
3rd Gien 524 p. (56th NPO vs 5,615 p.)
55th NPO Laon 3,798 p.
50th Quierain 3,102 p.
21st Melun 1,033 p.
16th Epernay 727 p.
109th Niergnies 4,549 p.
36th Châteaudun 1,281 p. (95th NPO vs 2,875 p)
13th Châteauroux 385 p.

NL17-1055999 'Maayke'

1st Nanteuil 115 p. (8th Provincial vs 8,418 p.)
7th Châteaudun 1,281 p. (21st NPO vs 2,875 p.)
30th Vervins 3,209 p.
8th Quievrain 394 p.
81st Péronne 2,082 p.


10th Chåteaudun 1,281 p. (43rd NPO vs 2,875 p.)
23rd Laon 2,640 p.
19th Châteauroux 1,018 p. (80th NPO vs 2,097 p.)


7th Adce pigeon overall IAPC 2017
3rd Ace pigeon short distance IAPC 2017

NL17-1055948 'Maike':

12th Ace pigeon youngbirds Federation (163 fanciers) 2017
Won 9 prizes out of 12 races as a youngbird, 7 x 1:10
4th Creil 549 p.
38th Vervins 3,194 p.
61st Isnes 3,727 p.


10th Azaruja (Algarve Great Derby 1,530 p.


2nd Ace pigeon natour federation (at Sanders brothers)

She became grandmother to: 


1st Bierges 2,347 p. (at Eric Bouwman)

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