Hannibal - NL12-1355632

Hannibal - NL12-1355632

'Hannibal' was a  good racer and is a excellent breeder. On the racing loft he achieved the following results:

9th NPO Péronne 6,668 p.
7th NPO Châteauroux 2,335 p.

2nd Vervins 300 p.
23rd St. Quentin 3,255 p.
3rd Meer 170 p. 
12th Duffel 576 p.
5th Nanteuil 139 p.

On the breeding loft 'Hannibal' became father to:

NL16-1310997 'Lady Guusje':

9th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance-Long Distance Pipa Ranking 2019
31st National Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel 2018-2019
33rd National ace pigeon youngbirds 'Fondspiegel' 2016
1st Bourges 66 p. (7th NPO 4,443 p.)
1st Gien 116 p. (56th NPO 5,615 p.)
1st Châteauroux 55 p. (25th NPO 3,989 p.)
16th chimay 5,394 p.
170th Prov. Soissons 18,250 p.
16th Reims 1,427 p.
70th Issoudun 5,338 p.
28th Morlincourt 4,756 p.
55th NPO Laon 3,798 p.
50th Quierain 3,102 p.
21st Melun 1,033 p.

NL18-1682491 'Nanko'

22nd Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB/TBOTB 2020
4th Ace Pigeon Long Distance Federation 2020
8th Orléans 1,387 p. (54th Semi Nat. NU 14,036 p.)
7th Châtaudun 996 p. (36th NPO 4,058 p.)
7th Orléans 833 p. (85th NPO 9,217 p.)
25th Bierges 3,094 p.

NL16-1311042 'Linus 042':

1st Quievrain 3,102 p.
1st Gien 141 p. (74th NPO vs 4,697 p)
22nd Epernay 4,695 p.
61st Asse Zellik 2,480 p.
11th Quievrain 366 p.

NL17-1055999 'Maayke'

1st Nanteuil 115 p. (8th Provincial vs 8,418 p.)
7th Châteaudun 1,281 p. (21st NPO vs 2,875 p.)
30th Vervins 3,209 p.
8th Quievrain 394 p.
81st Péronne 2,082 p.


7th Ace pigeon overall IAPC 2017
3rd Ace pigeon short distance IAPC 2017


10th Chåteaudun 1,281 p. (43rd NPO vs 2,875 p.)
23rd Laon 2,640 p.
19th Châteauroux 1,018 p. (80th NPO vs 2,097 p.)

NL17-1055948 'Maike':

12th Ace pigeon youngbirds Federation (163 fanciers) 2017
Won 9 prizes out of 12 races as a youngbird, 7 x 1:10
4th Creil 549 p.
38th Vervins 3,194 p.
61st Isnes 3,727 p.


10th Azaruja (Algarve Great Derby 1,530 p.

'Hannibal' became grandfather to numorous excellent pigeons. These won among others:

1st NPO Châteaudun 4,058 pigeons (8 minutes lead!)
1st Péronne 1,556 pigeons (15th NPO vs 5,900 pigeons)
1st Morlincourt 1,060 pigeons
1st Zutphen 1,299 p.
2nd NPO Laon 5,836 p.
2nd Laon 2,398 p.
3rd Moeskroen 1,743 p.
4th Tienen 1,337 p.
6th NPO Quievrain 7,760 p.
15th Laon 2,640 p.
16th Chimay 5,394 p.
19th NPO Nanteuil le Haudouin 2,918 p.

'Hannibal' is a son to NL09-1969750 'Elwin' which is a son to two NPO winners NL07-1513702 'Conan' x NL08-1202790 'Danara'. His mother comes from Ad Schaerlaeckens and is a daughter NL03-1234922 'Super 22' (grandson NL95-2067230 and NL93-1059875 'Wounded Knee') x NL05-1490894 'David's Pick' which is a daughter to famous NL98-5812191 'Invincible'.


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