Lucky 968 - NL16-1310968

Lucky 968 - NL16-1310968

'Lucky 968' returned back heavily wounded from a training flight when he was only a few months old. The vet stitched him up, but there was no use to race him anymore. Because of his pedigree, we moved him to the breeding loft.

He is a son to famous NL13-1921958 'Indy' which won:

1st Soissons 2,538 pigeons
1st Bourges 1,583 pigeons (4th NPO 6,187 pigeons + Teletext)
1st Meaux 1,473 pigeons (3rd NPO 3,044 pigeons + Teletext)
1st Salbris 279 pigeons (2nd NPO 4,026 pigeons + Teletext)
1st Châteauroux 302 pigeons (14th NPO 2,304 pigeons)
1st Asse Zellik 213 pigeons
8th Lessines 2,608 pigeons
9th Soissons 3,147 pigeons

His father is NL08-1241483 'Diablo' which won 1st NPO Morlincourt 16,971 pigeons and is a great breeder.

In his first year on the breeding loft 'Lucky 968' became father to:

NL17-1055986 - 1st Chimay 551 p.
NL17-1055921 - Won at Ad Schaerlaeckens 6 prizes out of 8 races as a youngster, 3 x 1:10
NL17-1055922 - 7th Ace pigeon youngbirds CC De Waalkant
NL17-1055953 - 6 prizes out of 7 250+ km races of which 5 x 1:10

Last modified: 05/03/2018