Linus - NL16-1310994

Linus - NL16-1310994

'Linus 994' is a son of two super racers. His father is NL08-1241483 'Diablo', winner to 1. NPO Morlincourt vs 16,971 birds, and his mother is our famous NL13-1921958 'Indy' which won 6 x 1 and 2-3-4 NPO.

Already as a youngster 'Linus 994' was a good racer, but in 2018 he had his best year ever. In the beginning on the short distance he missed his prize twice, but on the other nine races he only won top prize cards and 4 x 1. His best performances are:

1. National S3 Châteaudun 12,511 b.
(fastest one day long distance racer of the Netherlands from the National Sectorraces June 23 vs 44,690 birds)!
6. Niergnies* 10,693 b. (1. vs 348 b.)
4. Niergnies* 10,624 b. (1. vs 425 b.)
14. Duffel 4,870 b. (1. vs 386 b.)
15. Vervins 4,955 b.
23. NPO Châteaudun 3,543 b.
37. Chimay 5,394 b.
15. Moeskroen 1,743 b.
3. Quievrain 366 b.
24. Asse Zellik 2,480 b.

* fastest entire release

He has already proven his worth in the breeding loft in only a few years time. He became grandfather to among others the 3. & 9. national ace pigeon youngbirds NPO in 2021 and father to two of the best racers in the loft of Combinatie Ebben (NL20-1302164 'Pandemic' and his nestsister NL20-1302163 'Pizza').

Last modified: 04/02/2023