Nanko - NL18-1682491

Nanko - NL18-1682491

Nanko became 22nd Nat. Ace One Day Long Distance (500-700 kms) WHZB/TBOTB in 2020 and is a son to the topcouple "Hannibal" x "Katja", so a full brother to among others 'Lady Guusje'.

In 2020 he had three great results out of four one day long distance races:

8th Orléans 1,387 p. (54th Semi-Nat. NU 14,036 p.)
7th Châteaudun 996 p. (36th NPO 4,058 p.)
7th Orléans 833 p. (85th NPO 9,217 p.)

'Nanko' has numorous good full brothers and sisters. Among others:

NL16-1310997 'Lady Guusje':
9th National Ace pigeon 300-700 kms Pipa Ranking 2019
31st National Ace pigeon old pigeons (500-700 kms) Fondspiegel 2018-2019
33rd National Ace pigeon youngsters (300-500 kms) Fondspiegel 2016
7th NPO Bourges 4,443 p.
2nd Chimay 962 p.
3rd Gien 524 p. (46th NPO 2,998 p.)
28th Morlincourt 4,756 p.
81st Prov. Soissons 8,631 p.
40th NPO Chateauroux 4,187 p.
16th Reims 1,427 p.

NL18-5163574 'Nora':
4th NPO Nanteuil 5,215 p.
1st Chalons en Champagne 154 p. (3rd vs 2,370 p.)
1st Niergnies 224 p. (13th vs 4,522 p.)
3rd St. Job in 't Goor 1,217 p.

NL16-1311042 'Laurey':
1st Quievrain 3,102 p.
17th NPO Pithiviers 3,508 p.
22nd Epernay 4,695 p.
1st Gien 141 p. 

2nd Meer 366 p.
10th Châteaudun 1,281 p.
23rd Laon 2,640 p.
19th Châteaouroux 1,018 p.

NL17-1055999 'Maayke'
1st Nanteuil 115 p. (8th Prov. Afd 8/GOU vs 8,418 p.)
7th Châteaudun 1,281 p. (21st NPO vs 2,875 p.)
30th Vervins 3,209 p.
8th Quievrain 394 p.

NL18-1682490 'Nynke':
7th Bierges 3,094 p.
8th Bierges 3,359 p.
2nd Maastricht 379 p.
85th Quievrain 5,139 p.

7th Ace Overall IAPC 2017 (Algarve Great Derby Winterrace)
3rd Ace Short Distance IAPC 2017

10th Azaruja AGD 1,530 p.


Last modified: 04/11/2020