Oreo - NL19-1466499

Oreo - NL19-1466499

'Oreo' is a daughter to NL13-1921960 'Icarus' x NL12-1355707 'Hadenna'.

'Oreo' won among others: 

2. Quievrain 5,139 b. (beaten by nestsister)
5. Provincial Niergnies 9,279 b.
15. Niergnies 5.156 b.
21. Bierges 5.348 b.
100. Int. NU Orléans 22,706 b.
13. Niergnies 2,499 b.

And so on.

She returned badly injured from Melun (June 13, 2021) and was sent to the breeding loft afterwards.

'Oreo' became 1st Ace Pigeon Short Distance in our Combine in 2021 and 5th Provincial Ace Pigeon Short Distance Afdeling 8/GOU.


Last modified: 25/05/2022