Evolution - NL09-5910006

Evolution - NL09-5910006

'Evolution' became:

2nd Ace pigeon youngbirds in Federation (220 fanciers) in 2009
3rd Ace pigeon 1-day long distance Federation (beaten by 2 loftmates, a/o her brother) in 2011

She won among others: 

1st Moeskroen/Menen 2,544 p. (2nd fastest entire release 14,474 p)
1st Breuil le Vert 140 p.
5th Bourges 1,498 p.
6th Epehy 5,094 p.

11th Châteauroux 1,094 p.
16th Geel 765 p.
20th Moeskroen/Menen 714 p.
25th Breuil le Vert 1,502 p.
6th Breuil le Vert 354 p.
34th Tours 1,469 p.
18th Orléans 586 p.

She became mother to 6 x top-10 NPO:

3rd NPO Mantes la Jolie 4,029 p.
4th NPO Pithiviers 3,508 p.
5th NPO Troyes 6,376 p.
5th NPO Péronne 5,089 p.
7th National Melun 8,389 p.
10th NPO Blois 4,863 p.

She also became mother to among others: 

1st Bierges 1,881
1st Wolvertem 1,173 p.
1st Mantes la Jolie 1,236 p.
1st Bourges 380 p.
1st Duffel 451 p.
1st St. Quentin 282 p.

She became grandmother to among others:

1st Ace Pigeon Youngsters Federation Kring Nijmegen 2020
1st Kalkar 13,922 p.
1st Quievrain 1,007 p.

'Evolution' is a daughter to 'Cyrus' so a granddaughter to famous NL03-2083516 'Roosje' which won:

1st NPO La Ferte Bernard 5,503 p. (6 minutes lead)
1st Duffel 2,450 p.
1st Strombeek 2,307 p.
1st Morlincourt 1,374 p.
1st Bourges 675 p. (15th NPO vs 4,886 p.)
1st Vierzon 588 p. (12th NPO vs 3,648 p.)

Descendants of 'Roosje' won 6 x 1st NPO!



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