Nice references last weekend


Nice references last weekend

Last weekend several fanciers were succesfull with our pigeons.

Frans Strikker from Hengelo won 1st Quievrain vs 1,007 p. With a 100% Ebbenpigeon. His ‘028’ won a 1st prize for the third time. He is a Grandson to ‘Diablo’, ‘Famke’, ‘Edgar’ and ‘Evolution’. Frans also became sprint champion in federation. His other birds are mostly from our strain as well.

William and his father Willy Geurtz from Haalderen had a great result from the long distance race from Châteaudun. They won the 9th NPO Châteaudun vs 3,263 pigeons. Their bird is for 50% from our strain. The mother is a daughter to ‘Edgar’ and a granddaughter to ‘Indy’ and ‘Hannibal’.

Our brother/father Ton Ebben won the 13th NPO from the same race with a orginal pigeon from us, a daughter to ‘Icarus’ x ‘Hadenna’.


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