8th National ace yearlings 50% Ebben

8th National ace yearlings 50% Ebben

Lately we got a nice reference. Sibble Broos and his father won the title 8th Best Yearling of the Netherlands in the Pipa Rankings. For the ranking, click here

The bird that did this for them is the hen NL18-1390596 'Power Woman'. She is a granddaughter to 'Fidel' and to 'Evolution' through her mother. Her father comes from the Leideman brothers. For her pedigree click here.

And then you should know that they only bought two pigeons from us. The other one (from 'Merlijn' x 'daughter Wonderduifje') became among others father to the 6th National in the 'Derby der Junioren' vs 7,154 p.!

Obviously we are very proud on this result too!

'Evolution' is the grandmother of Broos' their 'Power Woman' and a great breeding hen.