W. Geurtz & Son won 1st NPO Nanteuil 5,043 pigeons with 50% Ebbenpigeon


W. Geurtz & Son won 1st NPO Nanteuil 5,043 pigeons with 50% Ebbenpigeon

Last weekend the first youngbird race with headwinds was kept in our section. It became a very tough race, only the best pigeons in the best shape were able to win this race.

With 12 meters per minute lead on number 3, W. Geurtz and son from Haalderen won this NPO race. At 378 kms they clocked there NL21-1684159 'Miss Nanteuil 159' at 3.14.02 pm. It gained a velocity of 1151 meters per minute.

The winner comes for 50% from our strain. We bred the mother which is a daughter to NL17-1055923 'Marnix'  x NL16-1310997 'Lady Guusje'. For her pedigree click here.

NL21-1684159 'Miss Nanteuil 159' 

They also won the 12th NPO with a 50% Ebben, bred from a full sister to Linus. 

Our result on this race was certainly not bad, on average points it was the 7th best result in our section (Afdeling 8/GOU vs 372 fanciers), but we started a little too late (47-63-109-121 etc vs 5,037 pigeons, we entered 11 pigeons and won 6 prize cards).


On the short distance ('natour') race we achieved a better result. In our federation we entered 10 pigeons and all 10 won a prize card of which 9 x 1:10: 10-27-33-84-94-115-143-170-171-426 vs 1,725 pigeons! Our first bird was NL20-1302170 'Paris' which won her 6th prize 1:100 on this race. 'Paris' is a daughter to 'Marnix' x 'Lady Guusje', so a full sister to the mother of the 1st NPO of Willy and William Geurtz!

NL20-1302170 'Paris' won a/o 8th Meer 855 pigeons, 11th Quievrain 3,569 pigeons, 15th Morlincourt 2,412 pigeons, 17th Nanteuil 1,992 pigeons, 20th Bierges 4,090 pigeons, 44th Prov. Dizy le Gros 14,634 pigeons and so on.