Hendriks-Sanders won 1st Morlincourt 17,172 pigeons (100% Ebben)


Hendriks-Sanders won 1st Morlincourt 17,172 pigeons (100% Ebben)

Last weekend we had a race with strong headwinds from Morlincourt. Hendriks-Sanders won this race depsite the unfavorable wind (they are located on the east side of our province). Their pigeon NL21-1009822 'Super 822' had a lead of 2 minutes and 20 seconds, this against 17,172 pigeons!!

"Super 822" was their first nominated bird. It won:

1st Morlincourt 17,172 p
1st Geel 3,459 p.
2nd Tienen 1,761 p.
2nd Niergnies 643 p.
5th Morlincourt 5,292 p.
10th Nanteuil 5,809 p.

In his pedigree 'Diablo', 'Indy', 'Cyrus', 'Fidel', 'Evolution' and so on. So 4 x NL03-2083516 'Roosje'!

'Diddi', the grandmother of the provincial winner.

'King Dinand'

Their 2nd bird NL19-1470526 'King Dinand' won the 8th prize against 17,172 p. This is also a superpigeon, he won already (6 x 1st): 

1st Maasmechelen 5,521 p.
1st Bourges 686 p.
2nd Fay aux Loges 579 p.
3rd Chateaudun 847 p.
3rd Vierzon 594 p.
8th Morlincourt 17,172 p.
6th Reims 5,027 p.
8th Chalons en Champagne 2,906 p.

"King Dinand" is 50% from our strain, his mother comes directly from us and is a inbred granddaguhter to "Roosje". See his pedigree.