Great reference from Romania


Great reference from Romania

A while ago we got a great reference from Romania. Mr. Florin Chirtes send us an email that he bought a result pigeon from us in a Pipa auction named 'Kacie' (NL15-1475896). This hen is a daughter to 'Fargo' (NL10-1404018) x 'Feline' (NL10-1404151), so inbred to 'Roosje' (NL03-2083516) and a full sister of 'Malon' (NL17-1055960), the mother of  'Paulina' (NL20-1302157).

Mr. Chitres bred his 'El Nino' from this hen. It won 6 x 1st with often minutes lead. His best results:

1st vs 4,618 p. (344 km)
1st vs 1,557 p. (298 km)
1st vs 1,368 p. (566 km)
1st vs 969 p. (364 km)
1st vs 748 p. (257 km)
1st vs 354 p. (257 km)

2nd vs 1,129 p. (255 km)
5th vs 1,378 p. (255 km)

Mr. Chitres didn't manage to bring him to the national podium because of bad luck, competing in a mountainous area there are many predators, and twice he came injured and it took weeks to recover.

Unfortunately we don't have a photo of Mr. Florin Chitres, but we do have a video of the bird.