W. Geurtz and son won 1st Tienen 5,484 pigeons (granddaughter Diablo)


W. Geurtz and son won 1st Tienen 5,484 pigeons (granddaughter Diablo)

Last weekend Willy and William Geurtz had a terrific start of the 2024 season. They won 1st Semi-Provincial against 5,484 pigeons. In their federation they won 1st and 2nd vs 3,373 pigeons.

The first two birds are 50% Ebbenpigeons. The NL21-1684244 arrived first. This hen is a granddaughter to 'Diablo' when mated to 'Renée', so an inbred granddaughter to 'Roosje'. The mother is a Eijerkamp-pigeon. For the full pedigree of this pigeon click here.

The 2nd bird that arrived was NL23-9112052 'Sister 1st NPO'. She is a full sister to 'Miss Nanteuil' which won 1st NPO Nanteuil 5,037 pigeons and her mother comes directly from our loft (daughter NL17-1055923 'Marnix' x NL16-1310997 'Lady Guusje'). The father is a crossing Veenstra x Koenders. For the pedigree of this pigeon click here


NL16-1872365 'Father Sensation Diablo' is a topbreeder at Geutz. He became father to among others 'Sensation Diablo' which won 1st Chalons 1,525 pigeons, 1st Bierges 1,536 pigeons an d1st Etroeungt 886 pigeons. He is a son to our 'Diablo' mated to 'Renée' (daughter 'Roosje').


NL20-1302209 'Daughter Lady Guusje' became mother to 23-052 which won 2nd Tienen 3,373 pigeons. She also became mother to 1st Prov. Nanteuil 5,037 pigeons. She comes directly from us and is a daughter to 'Lady Guusje' and 'Marnix'.