Two Olympiadpigeons 2013 of Partnership De Wit descend from our pigeons


Two Olympiadpigeons 2013 of Partnership De Wit descend from our pigeons

Although it is not for a very big part (12,5%), both Olympiadpigeons 2013 of Parnership De WIt from Surhuisterveen descend from our pigeons. Father-son partnership De Wit belong to the best racers of our country in recent years. Although they are not so well-known as some flyers who live close in their neigboorhoud, their performances are probably even more impressive. They are just not that commercial. Pigeonsport is their hobby and not core business.


NL09-1596604 'Blue Hope' was classified into two categories for the Olympiad in Nitra, short distance and allround. In 2010 she already was classified for the Europa Cup in Dortmund.  She was 8th ace one day long distance WHZB 2010 and 3rd Natourduif WHZB 2011. She is probably the best pigeon in the Netherlands from 2010-2013. In her carreer this pigeon won 25 x 1:100 !!! This might be unique in pigeonsport. I don't know any pigeon which achieved more prizes 1:100, without doubles:


1st National Sens 6,740 p.

3rd NPO Signy Signetz 8,664 p.

1st Boxtel 1,945 p.

1st Boxtel 1,916 p.

2nd Boxtel 2,0944 p.

2nd Hasselt 4,754 p.

2nd Den Bosch 1,594 p.

2nd St. Quentin 799 p.

3rd Boxtel 1,819 p.

3rd Duiven 1,803 p.

4th Isnes 1,992 p.

4th Pommeroeul 1,381 p.

5th Zutphen 1,863 p.

5th Orléans 518 p.

6th Pommeroeul 1,201 p.

7th Lommel 1,470 p.

7th Quievrain 936 p.

8th St. Truiden 748 p.

8th Troyes 726 p.

9th Quievrain 1084 p. 

12nd St. Quentin 802 p.

13rd Pommeroeul 1,456 p.

14th Boxtel 978 p.

15th Den Bosch 2,099 p.

16th Hazeldonk 1,831 p.

17th Hasselt 2,103 p.

17th Menen 780 p.

17th Orléans 408 p.

20e Wavre 1501 p.



NL10-1034286 'Blue Magic' became a Olympiadpigeon in Nitra for the Netherlands in 2013. She also became 1st Provincial ace long distance in section 11/Friesland '96. Her best results:

1st NPO St. Quentin 9,807 pigeons
1st Boxtel 5,063 pigeons
1st Pithiviers 482 pigeons (30th NPO)
1st De Meern 327 pigeons
2nd Den Bosch 2,099 pigeons
2nd Sens 354 pigeons  (26th NPO)
4th Boxtel 1,594 pigeons
5th Pommeroeul 1,381 pigeons
6th Orléans 518 pigeons (49th NPO)
7th Boxtel 2,218 pigeons
10th St. Quentin 799 pigeons

These to hens are not the only two exceptional pigeons at their loft. Their most famous pigeon is 25% of our strain. 
The '105' won 6 x 1st in big competition of which two x 1st in whole section 11/Friesland '96 (Provincial). Unfortunately it got lost on a disastor race from Pommeroeul last year.