On the lofts of Will & Falco Ebben a maximum of twelve old bird pairs are used for racing. About twenty youngsters start the young birds season.
Because about sixty to seventy percent of the racing team of the Ebben’s consists of yearlings, apparently breeding twenty youngsters was not sufficient for the necessary replenishment.
That is why in 2005 the men decided to also bring twenty youngsters for racing purposes to Falco’s address in Boven-Leeuwen … the very best of them are transferred to the old birds loft at Will at the end of the season. In Boven-Leeuwen the youngsters are raced under the name of 'Combinatie (partnership) Ebben'.

Since 2020 oldbirds are also raced from the loft in Boven-Leeuwen.

The racing loft for the oldbirds and about 20 youngsters at Will's place. The right section is for 12 widowers, the section in the middle is for 20 youngbirds and the section at the left for 12 widowhood hens. From this loft we won 7 NPO-races and here we became among others 5th National champion one day long distance NPO 2009, 2nd National champion youngbirds Fondspiegel 2014-2016 and 7th Nationan champion youngbirds Fondspiegel 2015-2017.

W & F Ebben 2003

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