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1st Provincial Melun 7,291 b and 2nd Best Provincial result!


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Best NATIONAL result on the weekend of June 6th: 100% prize cards in the first 10%!!!


Last weekend we achieved the best national result on the weekend from June 6th. At the loft of Combinatie Ebben we entered 13 pigeons for the provincial race from Niergnies (252 kms). All of them one prize 1:10 and 8 of them won prize 1:100 (62%). 
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Two grandchildren of Indy won 2nd vs 2,357 pigeons


On May 30 Robert MaaƟ had a race from Sieradz, Poland (333 kms) The pigeons were released at 8.45 am. The distance was 333 km. There were 65 fanciers involved with 2,357 pigeons. 
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