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Peter Crans has a great granddaughter of Linus again!


Last year Peter Crans had the 9th national ace pigeon youngbirds NPO with a grandchild of our NL16-1310994 'Linus' (when mated to his full sister NL17-1056002 'Mable'). Recently he reported he had a great daughter from his 'Ebby' (daughter 'Linus') again. 
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Great result from Chimay: 1-2-9-10-11-12 against 8,815 pigeons


Last Saturday we had a great result from Chimay. We basketed 20 pigeons and won 1-2-9-10-11-12 against 8,815 pigeons. We gained 6 prizes 1:100 (30%) and 12 prizes 1:10 (60%). 
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Hendriks-Sanders won 1st Chimay 2,417 pigeons (50% Ebben)


Last weekend Hendriks-Sanders won 1st Chimay 2,417 pigeons. It was their 4th vicotory in their combine this year. 
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