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1-2-8 etc from Bierges agains 2,370 pigeons


Last weekend we had our third youngbird race from Bierges. Combinatie Ebben had a good result. In our combine we won against 2,370 pigeons: 1-2-8 etc against 2,370 pigeons 
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Great season ending: 1. Champion Prov. SFG, 1. Prov. Ace Pigeon, 7-12 NPO Issoudun etc.


Last Saturday we had our last oldbird race from Issoudun (605 km). At Combinatie Ebben in Boven-Leeuwen we booked a great succes. In NPO competition we won 7-12-56-62-79 
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8th Best Provincial result from Nanteuil


Last weekend only Combinatie Ebben participated in the oldbird races. We had a race from Nanteuil in which we participated with 10 pigeons. The result was not great, but certainly not bad. Only 8 fanciers out of the 549 which were participating had a bett 
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